York is a fitting location to base the Thin Ice Press due to its vibrant printing history – from trade in the medieval city, to the ‘printer’s devil’ and the many printing houses of Minster’s Yard and Stonegate.

Thomas Gent (1693 – 1778) inherited his York printing business from his wife, published several works (including a commemorative handbill on the Ouse in the great freeze of 1740) and established a printing house in Scarborough.

To help turn our common press into a reality the Scarborough Museums Trust kindly loaned us the historic press that once belonged to Thomas Gent. We have already used it to inform the plans of our own press and hope to start working on a display in the near future.

Check out the links below to delve deeper into the history and subscribe to our blog for upcoming updates on the progress of the build, through which we aim to create a vivid picture of sixteenth and seventeenth century printing houses and practices.

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