Our Presses

Thin Ice Press is home to two iron hand presses, an 1838 Clymer & Dixon Columbian press and a 1847 tabletop Albion press, and a 1926 treadle-operated sold flywheel Arab press. All these presses were acquired from, and refurbished by, the Logan Press in Finedon. You can read more about the buying trip and installation process on our blog.

We also have two small Adana 8×5 presses — one from Caslon Limited (who purchased the Adana company in 1987) and the other was kindly donated to our studio.

We are currently working to build a working reproduction common press, based on the fragmented remains of a press once owned by the York printer Thomas Gent. Follow the links below to find out more.

The Iron Presses 

The 18th Century Common Press & our Reproduction

1838 Clymer & Dixon Columbian Press 2







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