We aim for this page to become a showcase of all the projects Thin Ice Press will be involved with, from engagement opportunities to our publishing and creative work.

Thin Ice Press made its debut at the June open days at the University of York. We introduced this exciting new project by having an Adana 8×5 in place at we talked about our plans for the press.

As of the 31st of August we have three iron presses in the studio and you can find out more about them here. We are now working on stocking our studio.

Currently our focus is with the ambitious project of creating a reproduction common press. We have found a suitable home for our press within the University, the 18th century Gent press has been brought to York for us to carry out detailed practical research into our chosen model and planning and purchasing wood is underway.

Alongside a historical introduction to printing in York, it will provide a way to directly engage with a newer member of letterpress history. You will be able to follow all these updates on our blog.