Shakespeare Festival Workshop

Half-day Printing Workshop: Shakespeare & Co

May 14th 2019

Learn about letterpress printing, and create your own Shakespeare-inspired print in a stimulating and flexible half-day workshop.


This unique workshop offers the opportunity to learn about early printing techniques – and to put them into practice. Guided by Professor Helen Smith and our printer-in-residence, Nick Gill, you will get to know your way around the printing studio, whilst learning about life in the Renaissance printing house. What were the processes by which Shakespeare’s plays and poems made it on to the page? You’ll learn about (and make!) mistakes that continue to puzzle readers and editors today, and find out lots of new facts about your favourite plays and their histories. There’ll also be the chance to find out about the rituals and processes of the early printing house, take a look at some early printed books, and discover the human stories behind their making.

English Department - Print Room

This will be a practical letterpress workshop, so don’t expect to just settle back and enjoy the lecture – over the course of the afternoon you will learn to set type, lock up a forme, ink up your text and create a unique, Shakespeare-inspired print. As well as taking your own print home, you will contribute to a collaborative print that will go on display as part of the York International Shakespeare Festival.


The workshop will run from 12.00-17.00, and will include a light lunch, tea and coffee, and all the materials you need to create your print.

Cost: £65 or £55 for concessions. Numbers are capped at 8.

To book your place, please email If you are interested in knowing more about future workshops or bespoke printing opportunities, please feel free to contact us.

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